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MarketplaceGuru by Peter Windischhofer

Peter Windischhofer
Peter Windischhofer is the creator of and founder of

Peter Windischhofer is an entrepreneur and former McKinsey consultant. He started the online marketplace for refurbished products in Europe as well as a review platform for language schools in China.

He created this blog to share his passion around e-commerce and in particular marketplaces. Since many years he is fascinated by the dynamics and the disruptive power of marketplaces like Amazon, Uber or Airbnb. During his time at McKinsey he worked with leading marketplaces in Europe and helped them to improve their digital marketing, conversion rates and overall strategy. is his fun side project where Peter shares his knowledge around business models and the industry.

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Additional information about Peter’s other projects: is a marketplace for refurbished electronics. The marketplace only offers high quality refurbished products with at least 1 year warranty & 30 days free return policy. Refurbed wants to become the Go-To place and leading marketplace in Europe for refurbished electronics. Currently, the marketplace is active in Germany and Austria but wants to expand to other European countries in the next year.

Peter founded in 2013 during his masters degree when living in Shanghai. The platform offered reviews of Chinese language schools in China. Together with a team of 3 others Peter acquired multiple schools within a few weeks as customers. However, the project was abandoned when Peter left Shanghai to continue his degree in San Francisco.

To share his knowledge about the consulting industry Peter created the website in 2013. He offered a guide on how to land a job with a top-tier consulting firm. This was also Peters first touch point with digital marketing and web development. After joining McKinsey Peter had to shut down the website due to employer restrictions.

In his spare time, Peter runs a satire facebook page together with friends.